This new offer is especially aimed to those participants that have already reached the maximum limit of 5 participations in total or that intend to participate for longer with us


It will allow you to participate indefinitely and eliminate the maximum of 5 participations that LINEEX applies currently


How does it work?


You should register 3 new participants (just like you did when you first participated with us)

The only condition is that the 3 participants are registered at Lineex for the first time. Contrary to previous offers:

  • There are no requirements for the people you bring
  • These new participants are not obliged to attend any particular session


What do you have to do in order to profit from "+3" Promotion?


Once these 3 people have been registered at LINEEX, you should contact us and provide this information:

  • Your complete name and ID number
  • The complete name and ID number of the three people you have registered


How do I know that "+3" Promotion has been activated?


When we have checked that all data are correct, we will answer you and notify the activation for your profile at LINEEX

From that moment on, you can attend our sessions FOREVER


IMPORTANT: the maximum of 4 participations per year imposed by the University of Valencia shall still be respected, even if you have activated this promotion


Facebook: LINEEX Universitat de València

(+34) 961625409