The Lab

Laboratory for Research in Experimental Economics


Founded in 1998, belongs to ERICES, the research group of the University of Valencia specialised in Socio-Economic Behaviour.


The LINEEX acronym stands for the Spanish translation of Laboratory for Research in Experimental Economics, which is Laboratorio de Investigación en Economía Experimental.


It focuses its research on Social and Behavioural Experimental Economics.


LINEEX was initially designed for internal research, but due to its unique size, capabilities and team expertise, it has expanded its research services to international research groups, European institutions and private firms all over the globe.

Technical Strenghts

Size (100 workstations), experimental technology and experience in the development of behavioural and experimental economics projects.


174 Researchers, 60 Universities, Public Institutions and private firms, 20 Countries, 30000 participants, 650 Laboratory sessions and 5000 online sessions.

Hire the Lab

Depending on your needs you can hire the lab and/or associated services (experimental design support / software programming / recruitment)