An experiment for entrepreneurs


A project for entrepreneurs

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To study the behavior of the entrepreneurial community


Entrepreneurs running a company


Funded by the Copenhaguen Business School and executed by LINEEX from the University of Valencia

Your profit

You will receive a guaranteed minimum payment of 10€ in cash. You can increase it depending on your decisions (the average payment for this experiment in 2018 was 30€)

Our profit

You will help the research team to discover behavioral patterns of the entrepreneurial community


The decisions taken on the computer are anonymous. They are not linked to your personal information nor to your company

The experiment

The participation process is very simple.

You will enter a room with 60 cubicles. You will be assigned an independent cubicle where you will take private and anonymous decisions from a computer.

First, you will receive instructions that will place you in a simulated context. From then on, you just have to be yourself. Remember that there are not any right or wrong answers.

At the end of the experiment you will receive your payment. The minimum payment is 10€, but you can earn more depending on your and the other participants' decisions. In 2018 the average payment was 30€.


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