All you need to know before participating in a session



[expand title="WHAT IS AN EXPERIMENT?" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

What is an experiment?

It is part of a research project of the economic behaviour area in which behaviour patterns are intended to be found, studied or confirmed.


Is it true that you get paid for participating?

Yes, all participants receive an immediate payment that depends on their and the other participants' behaviour. The average payment for sessions in 2022 was 19€. Furthermore, you are guaranteed to receive a minimum payment of 5€.


How do I receive payment?

The payment of the experiments is done through an immediate transfer by PayPal. Therefore, to participate you will need to have a personal PayPal account in order to receive the payment. You will have to come to the session with the account already created. You can easily create your PayPal account by clicking here.

NOTE: It is required that the PayPal account is in your name.


What is participation about?

Participation consists in making decisions on a computer, tablet or mobile device.


Which kind of decisions?

Simple decisions. For instance, selecting among options or allocating amounts of money. Everything depends on each one's personal preferences. Economic knowledge is not necessary to participate. You just need to be yourself.


How does a session work?

All participants receive a set of instructions at the beginning of the session that places them within a particular context. From that moment on, you should simply make the decisions you consider to be appropriate. At the end of the session, you will need to fulfil a receipt and then you will receive your payment in cash.


Is there a "right answer"?

No. This is not an exam. Researchers wish to know how does society behave in reality.


What happens with my personal data?

They are only used to check that your profile is suitable for the research and to manage place booking. These data will never be sold or traded. We devote a great effort to fulfil the Organic Law 15/1999, from the 13th of December, for the Protection of Personal Data. Read our privacy policy here.


What happens with my behavioural results?

They are disassociated from your identity so that no one can relate an individual with the decisions he/she has made. Data will be analysed only after they have become completely anonymous.


How long does it last?

Even though it depends on the purpose of the research, sessions last between 60 and 120 minutes. You will know the estimated maximum duration of your session before you book your place. The length depends on multiple factors so it can be shorter or longer than the estimation.


How much money can I make?

The average payment of LINEEX for 2022 was 19€, but it will always depend on your and the other participants' decisions.


Which is the record?

LINEEX's maximum payment record is 1000€ in 90 minutes.

LINEEX's minimum payment record is 5€ in 120 minutes.

None of both is the usual case.


Who can participate?

Anybody from 18 to 81 who is able to shop online is welcome. LINEEX is open to everyone, no matter if they are University students or not.


Where can I participate?

You can participate in the in-person sessions at LINEEX, the Laboratory for Research in Experimental Economics of the University of Valencia (see location).

During the next months, LINEEX will start carrying out online sessions as well.


Not clear yet? This video is a sample of a regular session at LINEEX



[expand title="REGISTER YOUR PROFILE" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

1. Access the PARTICIPANTS AREA and click on "register".

2. Insert your email address. Remember this email, since you will need it to:

  • Sign in new sessions
  • Receive notifications from LINEEX (confirmations related to registration, signing in, signing out and personal data modifications)

3. Fill in all the gaps (we will need them to know if your profile is the one required for every specific session).

We will not use them for anything else or sell them to third parties. We apply LOPD exhaustively.

  • If you do not own a Spanish ID card: you can introduce the number of any other official ID document or passport that includes a picture. Anyhow, remember to bring that document to the session to identify yourself.

4. If the process has finished correctly, you will receive a confirmation email in the email address you used for registration. If you do not receive this email, please contact us.

5. Once registered, book your place here.

Fraud in new registrations

If two or more profiles with similar name, ID number or other personal data are created, we will restrict the participation for that person permanently.

If you do NOT remember the email address you used to register, please contact us.

Duplication of profiles is strictly prohibited.



[expand title="WHERE TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW PLACES" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

Places are announced periodically in our pages in social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). They can be easily identified by the green circle you will on the right. It contains:

  1. Number of open places
  2. Language of the session (flag on the top right corner)
  3. Session placement (laboratory/online)
  4. Dates and times of the sessions.


Usually, we run out of places very quickly.

Our recommendation for all people interested in participating is that they follow us on social networks to know about the opening of places in real time.

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[expand title="ONCE YOUR PROFILE IS REGISTERED YOU CAN SELECT THE SESSION " startwrap="" endwrap=""]

1. Access our PARTICIPANTS AREA and click on "book your place".

2. Write the email you used to register.

3. Another screen with OPEN SESSIONS will appear. It will indicate duration, average payment, date and time.

4. Click on "sign in" in the session you prefer.

In that moment, you will receive a confirmation email mentioning again the date of the session. If you do not receive it, please contact us.

Why it does not let you to book your place? 

There may be two reasons:

REASON 1: You have reached the maximum number of participations

There are two different limits for the number of participations.

a) ANNUAL limit: 4 yearly participations or payments - this is due to the fiscal policy applied by the accounting service of the University of Valencia.

b) TOTAL limit:  5 total participations per person. This means that a participant can only attend a session 5 times in his/her life, no matter when he/she has participated.

Now you can get unlimited participations by activating our "+3" Promotion.

REASON 2: There are not available places for your profile for this session.

This means that your profile is not compatible with the requirements of the research done in that date. In that case, you just have to wait for the next call.[/expand]


[expand title="CONFIRMATION EMAIL" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

Check that you have received an email with the confirmation of the booking. In addition, you will receive a reminder 24 hours before the session.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive any of these two, please contact us.



[expand title="RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

1.  Try to arrive at the lab 10 minutes in advance. If you are absent when we call your name, you will not be allowed to enter.

2. Bring the booking confirmation with you. In case you don't appear in our system you will have evidence it has been our failure and you will receive at least the minimum payment.

3. Prepare your ID card, passport, or driving license. You will be asked to show it at the entrance. Any other document for identification must be original, and contain your ID number and a photo.

4. It is required to have a PayPal account under your name.


If you do not bring the right identification you will not be allowed to enter in the session, since we cannot be certain about your profile being adequate for the research purposes.


[expand title="WHEN YOU ENTER" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

  1. Firstly will enter those participants who couldn't enter the lab in previous sessions.
  2. After those people, we will call participants in order of inscription as a general rule and without taking promotions into account.

The execution of research projects is very costly. That is why we open a percentage of additional places in every session, in order to cover the place of those who do not show up.

What happens if I cannot enter in the experiment because the session is full?

If you do not enter the room because it is full, you will have the following rights:

1. To receive the minimum payment for that session. Participants can voluntarily renounce to this payment so that it does not count for the annual limit of participation. By doing this, extra participation for a future call is assured.

2. To obtain access PRIORITY for the next session.


Non-justified absences entail a PERMANENT RESTRICTION in future sessions for the participant.


[expand title="PARTICIPANTS' RIGHTS" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

1. Immediate payment at the end of the session (minimum guaranteed payment for lab sessions = 5€)

2. Confidentiality in the treatment of data: all your personal data, together with those that reflect the decisions made will be kept anonymous. Neither your identity nor your personal data will be disclosed.

3. Leave the session: the participant has the right to abandon the session. Nevertheless, this implies losing the payment and being restricted permanently from future sessions.

4. Ask possible doubts related to the session: the participant must raise his/her hand, and all questions will be answered individually.


[expand title="PARTICIPANTS' OBLIGATIONS" startwrap="" endwrap=""]

1. Compliance with the lab's basic rules:

a) The use of mobile phones is not allowed during the session.

b) Participants must remain silent and not to copy other participants' decisions.

c) Ask doubts raising your hand one by one.

d) Do not use the computer for anything non-related to the experiment.

2. Respect for our facilities and staff

3. Notify any absence to a session in advance (24 hours): In this way, another person can take your place and participate in the experiment.

4. Fill in correctly the receipt for your payment. This is absolutely necessary to receive the money. [/expand]

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