Why a LINEEX Newsletter?

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Why will LINEEX distribute a Newsletter?

The reason is simple. Researchers and innovative organizations wants to know more about what is going on here.

Penélope Hernández, LINEEX Director, explains what is behind this strategy. We need to have an open lab. We think this is the time for putting some effort to help the experimental community to know more about others’ research lines and the research execution services we can provide for them.’ 

It is also our aim to become a meeting point for this community providing visibility for junior and senior researchers who want to show their achievements. Having said that, you are more than welcome to drop us a line and contribute to the newsletter with any information you may think the community would like to hear.

Does it mean we will publish all results from the research project develop? Of course not. We take confidentiality seriously so we also want to highligh that nothing will be published without the consent of the researchers. Our integrity is key to our success and adhering to the strictest codes of confidentiality and data management is of critical importance to us. This means that only those willing to be share their results will be included within the LINEEX Newsletter.

We expect to launch 4 newsletters per year. If you want to hear from us just populate the following form and subscribe!

LINEEX Newsletter 


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