Nagore Iriberri obtains the “Banco Sabadell Foundation” award for her research in the experimental economics field

September 29, 2016 Neus Planells No comments exist

Nagore Iriberri, PhD in economics by the University of California and current professor of this discipline in the University of País Vasco, has been honoured with the XV Sabadell Foundation for the economic research award. This achievement is the result of her studies in experimental research and game theory about social behaviour. In LINEEX we are devoted to studying human behaviour and reactions by conducting experiments that belong to the same discipline, and that is why we consider interesting for you to know more about the validity and repercussion of projects such as the ones we carry out, and that you help us to achieve.

You can read the whole interview in the following link.

One of her most recognized works is the study of gender differences in pressure situations. According to her findings, boys and girls react and perform in a different way in a high-pressure context. We recommend you to have a look at her conclusions in this video.

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