A labelling online experiment for the European Commission

May 13, 2019 I

LINEEX works with the Joint Research Center of the European Comission to study new formulas for product labelling. A large scale online experiment will be developed in Spain, Czech Republic and Germany.

Despite the general concern about the products we buy and consume, the World Health Organization has warned of the rapid growth of the rate of obesity and related diseases that, according to WHO, have tripled.

Given this problem, the European Union forced eight years ago all companies to show certain nutritional values ​​such as energy value, fats, saturated fats, the amount of sugar and salt, etc… in their packaged products . However, and although the initiative was successful, it left in the hands of each government how to present this information, but so far it has not been effective.

The objective of this project is to use nudges, cognitive biases and heuristic rules to find an adequate signaling system to improve the understanding of the nutritional values ​​of food and promote the purchase of products aligned with their needs.

The results of the project could be a turing point for the shopping cart, creating more appropriate food consumption habits. In addition, the adoption of this new measure would encourage companies in the industry to improve the quality of their offer.

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