Irrational decisions: reason of existence of LINEEX

October 19, 2016 Neus Planells No comments exist

One of the most common questions that have always surrounded economics is why decisions made by human beings do not follow the expected behaviour from a rational point of view. In this sense, science has proved that many other factors related with individual subjective perception and the difficulty to process complex information intervene.

In this article of verne (El País), some examples of this phenomemon are shown. Why are we willing to pay more to have the same beer in the beach if it is sold in a hotel rather than in a beach bar? Why is it more difficult to find a taxi in a rainy day? Are we risking the same if we invest cash or casino coins of the same value?

All these questions, that have been studied by experimental economics today and in the past, are analysed in the following article.

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