Behavioural economics explained in a simple and intuitive way

July 20, 2016 Neus Planells No comments exist

The originator of the behavioural economics definition as we know it today, Richard H. Thaler, explains what is this economics’ branch about and its potential applications. Besides explaining the approach that behavioural economics contributes with to the decisionsn that every human being faces, he also highlights its usefulness in other fields, from environment policies to macroeconomics.

Click here to watch his speech at LSE

We can also find Dan Ariely’s perspective, a behavioural economics expert, who explains in a simple and graphical way the irrationality we apply in almost every relevant decision we face in our life. The video is in English, but you can activate Spanish subtitles.

Click here to watch his TED Talk with Spanish subtitles

Finally, you can have a look to this guide (in English) to better understand what applications behavioural economics has on disciplines such as finance, marketing or policy making taking into account human behaviour and reactions.

Click here and read the “Behavioural Economics Guide 2016”

Still curious? Go to our applying behavioural economics site.

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