The 100 stations laboratory is coming

January 24, 2018 I No comments exist

Our 64-station laboratory has worked  well for us over the last 20 years. The number of experiments per year has been incresing each year. In 2018, LINEEX reached its record with more than 190 sessions from over 40 researchers based on 16 countries which required more than 8500 subjects with different profiles.

We are delighted to see how the experimental economics community trusts us, in particular:

1. The effectiveness of our  protocols in terms of subjects’ anonymity and experiment data quality.

2. The flexibility of our recruitment system that allows for the creation of customised campaigns and added more than 1000 subjects per month (having a total pool of 40.000 participants). This self-built system (we don´t use ORSEE!) allow us to engage different profiles, from students and adults to company CEOs.

Having said that, we need to note that right now the LINEEX Lab activity is limited by the size of the laboratory and we are missing the opportunity to help some new researchers.

Our challenge now is to build a new lab which enables us to carry out large scale experiments.  It will not only help us to be more efficient in terms of number of observations but also to increase the quality of the data. Having 100 subjects making decisions at the same time will definitely reduce noise and study new patterns of large scale network behaviour and to study, for instance, the herd effect in financial markets.

The works have already started and we estimate that we will have the new 100 lab in 2020.

In addition to this expansion, we are building a mobile lab with 100 tablets to make the development of controled experiments everywhere possible.

This infrastructure, together with the online experiment experience of the LINEEX team on oTree and their recruitment system, will provide an end-to-end development for any kind of experiment.

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