LINEEX Newsletter
Why a LINEEX Newsletter?: Penélope Hernández, LINEEX Director, explains what is behind the scenes. "Experimenal researchers want to know more about on-going projects and how can we help with their own research". Read more
Wishes for 2019: The research community and members of the LINEEX team had the opportunity to make wishes for the coming year. Would you like to know what they have to say? A big thanks to them all". Watch the video
Large Scale Lab: What if we increase the number of subjects up to 100? What about having 100 samples in just one shot? There is a need for a large functional lab in Europe and we think we can do it. Read more
Latest projects:
Jordi Brandts (Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica) opened and closed the experimental year. Together with Xavier Vives (IESE) and Anna Bayona (ESADE) developed the first experiment of 2018 and with Arno Riedl (Maastricht University) developed the last experiment of the year" Read more
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